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Igen, ez a változás természetesen érinti az esküvődet is, de ha az esküvőipar is szinte percenként fejlődik, ha napról napra újabb ötletek és megvalósítások látnak napvilágot, akkor miért szerveznéd az esküvődet most is úgy, azon az elven, ahogyan tette azt a barátnőd 2 éve vagy tették a szüleid néhány tíz évvel ezelőtt?

Az esküvő szervezést is hozzá kell igazítani a változáshoz!

Nem engedheted meg magadnak, hogy ne legyen tökéletes az esküvőd. De mi kell ehhez? Hogyan érhetsz el fergeteges hangulatot? Esküvő szolgáltatók interjúi között számtalan meglátás olvasható:

“Az én meglátásom, hogy a hangulat biztos záloga a körültekintő átgondolt szervezés. Nem feltétlenül hiszem, hogy egy méregdrága, minden extrával megturbózott esküvőn jobban érzik magukat a vendégek.”

“Úgy gondolom elsősorban a páron. Fontos hogy a nagy napon ne idegeskedő szervezőkként vegyenek részt, hanem teljes mértékben, önfeledten élvezzék az esküvő minden percét. A nagy nap van a párért, nem pedig a pár a napért.”

“Valójában az ifjú páron. A nagy napon már nem szabad a szervezés miatt aggódni, lesz, ami lesz, itt már nincs más dolga a párnak, mint hogy szeressék egymást, és hagyják, hogy mindenik őket ünnepelje, illetve ők is együtt ünnepeljenek a násznéppel. Ha ők aggódnak és egész este a szervezéssel vannak még mindig elfoglalva, hogy mindenki jó helyen ül-e, illetve, hogy megjött-e már a zenekar, akkor az kihat a násznépre is.”

Olvasd el Nagy Csaba esküvői zenész hogyan vélekedik erről.


Getting Your Child Interested In Astronomy with a Child Telescope
April 20, 2007, 1:33 pm
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The invention of the telescope was a major advance in the science of Astronomy, but who invented it? Maybe you think you already know the answer. There is a big interest in science today and the lack thereof in our youth; yet with a little interest by adults in the science of astronomy and a relatively inexpensive child telescope you could show the universe in a whole new way. There are a few things that you need prior to getting a child telescope and your beginning endeavors into astronomy. Astronomy need not be a confusing and difficult process to understand, while it may take a little studying, the use of a child telescope could help you begin to get your child interested in something that can help them develop new skills and new attitudes. Your first child telescope need not be overly expensive nor should it be too cheap to be perceived as another toy in some children s collection. Well, what would you say if I told you that you’re probably wrong? After all, it was Galileo Galilei who invented it, right? You might be surprised by the answer to that question. Although Galileo Galilei was a great astronomer, he didn’t invent the telescope. A child telescope can be as expensive or inexpensive as one is willing to pay, yet if you are willing to put a little time into researching telescopes you can determine what model would be best for you and your child. Once you have selected a telescope, spending a little time understanding how to use and spending time with your child could help the child telescope be a more stable part of your life. Beginning Astronomy You may think that you need to be part scientist to understand the difference in telescopes and that your child telescope should wow and amaze your child; but the truth is that developing an interest is key and that there are plenty of sites out there that will help you understand what you should look for in a child telescope. Start small and develop the interest, the patience and knowledge that studying stars, planets and the universe. Many other people claim to have invented the telescope, but Hans Lipperhey is the only person documented to have applied for a patent for the device. So if apertures, lens, mirrors, or reflectors confuse you it may be better to start small, make sure that your child telescopes catches his or her imagination and interest then proceed into bigger things. The worst thing that many parents experience in buying their children things is the lack of interest that comes after a few months or weeks of starting a new hobby. Yet you could extend that interest by making short term goals and helping them gain more interest in the hobby through your own interest. Who knows, beginning with a child telescope could bring you closer and develop the interest in science and the universe, which is a long way from video games, television and other distractions in our lives. So now you know the story of the telescope and how it came to be.

Where you can go to Find a Child Rug to Purchase
March 22, 2007, 4:59 pm
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Got a room that s crying out for a bright accent or a face lift? One of the quickest, cheapest ways to perk up your living space is with a new area rug. Not just any area rug, though. Today s contemporary designs and styles in area rugs can add a bright splash of color to the d cor of any room, from a traditional living room to the most contemporary of Danish Modern living rooms. Before you go out and buy a child rug, you are going to need to find out where you can actually go to get one. It is a good idea to plan out beforehand, so that you will save yourself time and money in the end and be able to thus go directly to a store where you know you will be able to find the exact type of child rug that you are looking for. What is a Child Rug? Basically a child rug is a rug that is used in a child s room or for a child s benefit, and there are many different types that are available to you in this regards, and they are also available for an incredibly low price, and so you certainly do not have to worry about breaking the bank when you buy a child rug. Where can I go to get a Child Rug? There are many different places that you can go to and get this type of rug, and one of the best places of all that you can go to for this is at, which is the online website for a company which has been in the business of selling kids rugs for a long enough period of time that they are incredibly respected for it, and they offer high quality rugs at affordable and reasonable prices. They even have different room themes that you can choose from, and this helps incredulously in the end of things, because then not only will you be able to find the perfect rug, but you will be able to get ideas and options for the rest of the room as well. Choosing a contemporary rug for your home is a matter of taste. In general, contemporary rugs have bright colors, bold patterns and are made of easy-care materials like olefin, polypropylene, wool or cotton. Some things to consider when making a choice are the size of the room, the use it gets, the people who use it, and the mood that you want to set in it. There are many different room themes that are available to choose from, and that includes: princess, Disney princess, cupcake, hearts, groovy chick, fairies, flowers, teen girl, butterflies, horses, patchwork, nursery rhymes, trains, England football, football, dinosaurs, under the sea, sailing, space, creepy crawlies, wizards and castles, cars, trucks and diggers, camouflage, and pirates. Contemporary designs really shine in children s rooms. Bright or pastel colors, simple designs and easy care fabrics make putting a rug in your child s room a great way to make his private spot be his haven. They truly offer you an incredible array of options here, and so if you are looking for children s rugs than you are absolutely going to want to at least check them out, and you are sure to find the exact type of rug that you are looking for; just make sure to take your time because there are so many different choices that you are going to want to make sure that you end up picking the absolute best possible one.

Child Diabetes: How To Help Your Child Cope
March 15, 2007, 8:17 pm
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You need to take care of your diabetic child as it has significant emotional and physiological impact on his or her life. Your child’s daily routine, good and bad habits, forgetfulness and outright disregard for things that should be done, can all be supervised at home. However, situation is different at school. You have to believe and ensure that your diabetic kid and the teachers at school will take care of your children health. When there is a case of child diabetes, not only does the child suffer but the family does as well. With child diabetes, some of the daily responsibilities can include blood glucose tests, insulin injections, meal planning and treating low blood pressure depending on the type of diabetes your child suffers from. After the initial diagnosis, it is perfectly normal to feel both anxious and overwhelmed. However, since children notice these emotions it is important to keep them in check for your child. The kids with Type I diabetes which can require insulin shots throughout the day However, these can be self administered. School officials need to be aware of how often such shots should be given. School administration should be well prepared to allow a time and place for your child to receive his or her insulin shots. Teacher should assist the child in his or her requirement to drink water or the need to use the restroom. Child Diabetes Testing Tips If your child has trouble with needles then it is best to prepare the testing supplies where they cannot see them. When it comes time for the test make sure you do it as quickly as possible and let the child resume normal activities right after the test is complete. If a child is fine with the testing process then perhaps you can allow them to take part by doing such tasks as wiping the spot with alcohol or select which finger to use for testing. Your child will be calmed by having a sense of control over the testing process. Mealtime Tips Child diabetes can be especially challenging for a child when it comes to mealtime. If possible, it is best to make mealtime a calm and pleasant experience. Avoid choosing food for your child and expecting them to eat it, rather it is best to provide your child with a few food choices so they can still eat healthy but not feel forced to do so. Have everyone eat the same food so that the child won t be left out and the family can have the benefit of eating healthy food. Signs Of Low Blood Sugar In Child Diabetes Despite all the efforts on behalf of parents, children with diabetes are still going to have low blood sugar from time to time. A sign of low blood sugar may be a change from a child s normal behavior. If children become more irritable thank usual or are becoming sleepy during a time they normally don t then this can be a good indication that their blood sugar is getting low. Inform classmates, teachers and school officials how a diabetic kid can behave unusually due to lack of sugar in blood. Your child may display occasional anger, become headachy, or become confused about simple matters. In such instances, the teacher or school nurse must offer your child fruit juice, a piece of candy or soda pop to help bring his or her blood sugar level up. In case of low blood sugars, you should have something such as juice or soda on hand. For children with diabetes it is better to have drinks rather than something that needs to be chewed. It is best to have a meal or snack follow these sugar sources since they will not last long and you don t want the blood sugar levels to drop down again. To avoid low blood sugars at night it may be a good idea to do extra testing at night before bed. So your child will be prepared it is a good idea to discuss and teach the signs of low blood sugar to your child. You should make sure they have a sugar source with them at all times and know what to do should their blood sugar get too low. It is also extremely important that you make sure your child wears a medical ID as all time. If your child isn t comfortable with having, others see the medical ID bracelet then consider getting a medical ID that is on a necklace so it can be worn under their clothes. School plays a major role in every child’s all aspects of life. Your diabetic child, though a special child and requires special treatment but has the same dreams and interests as other children. Give them required assistance so that the kid can live a relatively normal school life. Your interaction with school officials, teachers and your kid’s classmate and their assistance is utmost necessary for a diabetic kid.

Unschooling your child
March 8, 2007, 9:03 pm
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Unschooling is a method of learning that is not set in stone. In fact, it tends to mean different things to different people. It is the preferred teaching method of a great number of homeschooling families. Unschooling is the most fluid style of homeschooling. There is no curriculum and no set boundaries. Many parents feel a bit apprehensive about such freedom. But, even unschooling has certain guidelines that make it a great method of homeschooling Firstly, allow your child to express interests. Let her select the topic. If she wants to learn about flowers, tell her about the various flowers, their functions, parts of the flower, rare flowers etc. But don’t go overboard. Allow her the freedom to stop when she has had enough. This process of learning may take a month or a day. It is up to the child to decide how much she wants to learn. Unschooling is natural learning, which is based for the most part on day-to-day life experiences. It is not based on the traditional curriculum choices and teaching methods utilized by the public school system. Little emphasis is placed on things such as textbooks, quizzes, and scheduled subjects or class times. Expand your child’s areas of interests using videos, books, magazines, puzzles and games. Go to a museum or take her to a library. Simultaneously, broaden your own interests. The more you know, the more the child gets to learn. When you think back to your school days, what do you remember? Were you stimulated by what you were learning? Were you bored with what was being taught? Was learning fun? Notice all opportunities for learning. When in the kitchen, point out the vitamins in fruits and vegetables. What makes tomatoes red, and why are leafy vegetables good? If you don’t know the answers, don’t worry. Look it up. Lastly, don’t worry if the going seems slow. This is just the way kids learn. Give them time and lots of encouragement.

In Child Custody
March 8, 2007, 9:01 pm
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I was talking to my sister-in-law recently she told me that she was involved in child custody hearings with her ex-husband. Though they had not been married for quite a few years now, they were still fighting over the custody of their daughter. I cannot say that my sister-in-law is the best mother on earth, but I do believe her daughter would be better off with her. Sometimes, it is a matter of choosing between the lesser of two evils. Neither of them are essentially bad people, but they have made a lot of bad choices. When parents come to an agreement on a detailed parenting plan that reflects the overall best interest of their child they will often enjoy a more stable, predictable, and consistent schedule by reducing the amount of misunderstandings, conflicts, and legal costs often associated with litigation and the courts. A parenting plan is a document that is created in the context of a child custody matter to help the parents outline a parenting schedule, which may include a description of their timeshare with their child and each parent s responsibilities to raise their child. There are a lot of variables in child custody suits that a judge has to consider. It is not automatically assumed any longer that the mother will be the one with the custody of the children. In the case of my sister-in-law, this was what happened. Though she has done her best to be a good mother lately, there are many things she had done in the past you are going against her now. If I were a judge, I cannot say I would not rule any differently. When ruling in child custody situations, you have to look at the entire picture. How can parents and their children benefit from a detailed parenting plan? Creating a detailed parenting plan can provide predictability in the parenting schedule for both the parents and their child. This allows the parents to make plans for their child and implement a regular and consistent parenting routine for him/her. A child who knows in advance which parent he/she will be with and what he/she will be doing can feel more secure, stable, and self-confident than a child who is left constantly worrying and wondering where he/she will go and what he/she will be doing. There was a time when my sister in law was the mother of three, but had absolutely no interest in being a parent. At that time she was not interested in child custody, and she was more concerned about drinking. There were times when her children would be found walking around town by themselves she was passed out in her apartment. This was brought up many times in child custody hearings, and even though she is no longer that person, those things are greatly hurting her credibility. I know that if I were a judge that did not know her, I would not think very highly of her either. Just the other day, my sister-in-law told me that she and my brother were moving out of state. What she didn t know was that what had happened in child custody hearings would come back to haunt her. Her ex-husband filed a motion to remove their daughter from her care completely. This meant that she could not see her daughter before she left, and that also meant that she would not be able to come visit her on a moments notice. Though her ex is playing dirty in child custody hearings, my sister-in-law almost expected it. What she didn t expect, was that it would happen so soon. Although a detailed parenting plan will generally benefit both the parents and children involved in a divorce and child custody dispute, you would be wise to consult an attorney to learn where you stand legally on your particular matter and to learn if a detailed parenting plan is the best approach for your situation before entering into any sort of proposed parenting plan agreement.